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Me | Giovanni Di Milia


Who is Giovanni Di Milia?

Well… probably this is a difficult question to answer!

For sure I am someone that doesn’t know English very well (sorry for the errors) : I’ll try to do my best with my small vocabulary.

Besides playing with my XBOX 360, what I really like is to program, especially for the web.
I really love to program in javascript and hack with webpages!

My new love is Python: it made me leave (with no regrets) PHP. 

I spend too much time on internet, so you can find me …

… on Facebook ( http://www.facebook.com/giocalitri )

… on Twitter (@giocalitri )

… on Google+ ( https://plus.google.com/117466048660089715234 )

… on LinkedIn ( http://www.linkedin.com/in/giodimilia )

… on GitHub… just opened ( https://github.com/giocalitri )

… on stackoverflow ( http://stackoverflow.com/users/257092/giovanni-di-milia )