Tonight I had my first salsa class of my entire life! And, guys… I’m not young any more 🙂
Actually, if I want to be honest, this was the first dance lesson ever in my life!

Impressions? Well… I had fun, even if at some point I was a bit embarrassed for my complete incapacity to improve quickly!

My main problem with dancing is that… I am a computer scientist!
Nooooo… I don’t mean that I stink as a good nerd computer scientist, and nobody wants to dance with me!
I mean that I am completely logic in what I do! I apply a fixed sequence of rules and steps to obtain a result! More or less like if you are drawing a flow-chart!

Dancing is not like this at all!
I was thinking that a good way could be to memorize a sequence of things to do and try to replicate over and over.

But salsa (and probably dancing in general) is not like this either! While dancing you should improvise the sequences, even if you keep doing the same steps.

So, poor me, there is not a simple an stable “dance algorithm” simply because if there was such a thing, probably inside there is a piece of code like
“next_step = random(possible_steps)”

Anyway… I’ll finish these lessons in any case… There hasn’t been a single algorithm I didn’t implemented successfully in my life 🙂

I’ll keep you updated!