The Bostonians (the Americans?!?!) have a weird approach with driving.

I mean… I come from Italy and I really know what “driving crazy” is!

Here in the Boston area people are much more polite when they drive. Also the traffic is much less intense than Europe!

People are usually not aggressive at all and also I started to loose my Italian attitude when I am behind the wheel: last summer in Sicily I was honestly scared sometimes!

So where is the weird stuff here?
Well… The problem is that here getting a driving license is perhaps too easy!

The consequence is that people don’t learn how to behave on the road and they don’t understand one basic rule: you are never alone!

Now the fact that they are extremely polite avoids most of the car accidents! I don’t want to think what can happen if a bunch of Italians start to drive like the people here but without any sense of respect like they do down there in Europe!

But there is one important exception: the roundabouts!
I totally understand that there are only few of them here in Massachusetts and probably even less in other states in the US, but I honestly don’t understand why so many people don’t know how to drive around them!

Come on! Don’t tell me that the problem is that there are no lights so people don’t have a clear idea of what to do! I refuse to believe it!

Guys, what there is of mysterious in a circular road with several other roads connected?

So I would like to ask the Massachusetts RMV to change the description of the roundabouts in the book they provide and to put the following simple two rules:

1- always yield cars already inside the roundabout
2- go around the roundabout counterclockwise!

That’s it! With this post I probably made many people avoid a car accident like the one I was almost involved tonight coming from the supermarket!

I’ll become a national hero! 🙂