Did you see the new interface of Facebook?

Ok… I have to be more specific 🙂 : did you see the new interface that Facebook released few days ago (September 21 2011)?

New features, new filters, new cool stuff! Moreover I just read that they are going to introduce a new interface for the user page.

The problem? I don’t want them because I don’t need them! 

Now, as a computer scientist I understand the need of improving a service. I also understand that there is a competition between Facebook, Google+ and Twitter and that Facebook and Google+ are copying each other.

What I really don’t understand is: why don’t they hire some experts in usability?  

My question comes from the fact that every new feature they introduce in Facebook is against any concept of good usability about interfaces! Now they want their users to learn how to use their service, and I’m fine with that (even if I have some different point of view), but they cannot change completely in one day the way the users have to do the same basic things! 

An example? If I’m used to have the list of the posts in chronological order (most recent first), it’s ok to introduce new filters and new ways to view the same posts, but WHY THERE IS NOT “View the posts in chronological order” any more?

So my only complain is: why cannot I give up on the new stuff and have my old simple functional interface?