Tonight I had my first salsa class of my entire life! And, guys… I’m not young any more 🙂
Actually, if I want to be honest, this was the first dance lesson ever in my life!

Impressions? Well… I had fun, even if at some point I was a bit embarrassed for my complete incapacity to improve quickly!

My main problem with dancing is that… I am a computer scientist!
Nooooo… I don’t mean that I stink as a good nerd computer scientist, and nobody wants to dance with me!
I mean that I am completely logic in what I do! I apply a fixed sequence of rules and steps to obtain a result! More or less like if you are drawing a flow-chart!

Dancing is not like this at all!
I was thinking that a good way could be to memorize a sequence of things to do and try to replicate over and over.

But salsa (and probably dancing in general) is not like this either! While dancing you should improvise the sequences, even if you keep doing the same steps.

So, poor me, there is not a simple an stable “dance algorithm” simply because if there was such a thing, probably inside there is a piece of code like
“next_step = random(possible_steps)”

Anyway… I’ll finish these lessons in any case… There hasn’t been a single algorithm I didn’t implemented successfully in my life 🙂

I’ll keep you updated!

September 11 has been the first wedding anniversary for me and my wife!
What can I say? That it has gone in a blink!
Many things have happened: who knows us can tell that it has been a tough year for us! Probably not the ideal year that a just married couple would like to spend!
But for sure the love that we have for each other has been our soundtrack in all the moments we have lived this year!

Thanks, Francesca, for being my wife!

I wrote this simple piece of code to validate ISBN strings and I publish it because I hope it can be useful for someone else.

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I know, I’m probably too old for school but this is not a real one: it’s an online class!

But let’s start from the beginning!

Few weeks ago my colleague Jay tweeted me about the existence of this online class about how to develop websites/web apps for mobile devices.

So which better moment than this to go back and study again?

I have a lot of expectations from this class because I always wanted to learn about web and mobile devices and I never had time to spend on this!

The class is going to start next week and I already have something to read!

I’ll keep you updated!