I didn’t forget my blog!

Wow! It’s almost 2 weeks that I don’t write here!

I have really valid reasons: my hobbies!

I spent time watching my favorite tv shows: the new “2 broke girls” is really funny! “the big bang theory” is always pleasant!
Some new tv shows are really bad (in fact I think they have been cancelled: the playboy club and the remake of charlie’s angels: both have begun with a nice first episode and… well… that’s it!

Second hobby: Formula 1 2010 on my XBOX! I completed Valencia (totally dominated) and the scary Silverstone (good 3rd place). I’m working now on Hockeneim and I have only one comment: where is the beautiful track I used to love?!?! The current one is absolutely awful!

Third hobby: friends! I’ve been twice at the batting cages with some friends and I’m honest: I really like softball and baseball! It’s really funny!

What else? Well my real passion: programming! I’ve spent quite a bit of time working on my last assignment for the W3C course: I had to implement a web game and I made “hangman” for both desktop and mobile. The nice thing of this program is that it works offline! It has been tough but really satisfying!
I’ll post the link to the application and the code after it has been reviewed!

Be tuned!

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