New provider -> Site migration -> Troubles

It’s a while since I have written here: too much work for sure, but also I think I am pretty lazy and writing in English takes a lot of effort for me.

Today I am writing after I had to migrate my website: my old provider (, yes, the one behind UWSGI) decided to not provide services to consumers but to focus to B2B (I guess).

I loved the old provider: it was pretty expensive but I NEVER had downtime. Well… there might have been but I never noticed considering the low traffic.
Also they are really competent.

Anyway I had to migrate anyway (deadline was end on January 2018) so I found a new provider ( and I transferred the domain.

Everything went almost smoothly (damn DNS) until I tried to migrate this website and upgrade it.

Even if migrating the MySQL database and the WordPress code has been pretty easy, I realized that years of upgrades had messed up quite a bit with the previous installation, so I decided to do a fresh re-install.

At this point I found my new installation having troubles: a weird error was coming out every time I was installing plugins or themes.
The error was particularly weird because the actual JSON response contained the message state=”success” and the installations were actually successful.

Digging around I found out that a plugin was messing with the responses adding content before the headers were sent (yes, PHP ??‍♂️).
Deactivated the plugin (fortunately it was a code formatter one) everything worked fine.

Anyway, I think the lesson from this is that every time you touch something old, you need to expect troubles.

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