Today I read on an Italian newspaper that Apple Italy (finally) opened its iTunes store to books!

This is really a great news for me for many reasons:

  1. I read books mostly in Italian and I cannot find good ones here in the US
  2. I hate to have books that I have already read and that I don’t know where to put in my apartment
  3. the books are cheaper (on average) than the equivalent paper version
  4. I have an iPad

First of all let me explain why I don’t read in English! 

For me reading is a hobby and if I have to read in English, I’ll lose the fun I have in the reading itself, because I have to be much more concentrated! So, no… I tried but I don’t like it!

Now everything seems to be in favor of buying my first Italian book on the iTunes store, but I’m not really sure…

You know… my first concern is: “What if a friend wants to read the same book?” I couldn’t lend him/her my book, because it means that I have to lend him/her my iPad (and there is no way I give someone else my iPad) or authorize my book on someone else iPad/iPhone!

In other words, it’s not simple to lend an electronic book!

Despite this, probably my biggest doubt is that I really like to have a real book in my hands, feel the paper under my fingers and I even like the smell of the paper while I read the book!

I don’t know… probably I’ll give a try to the electronic version, but I’m not sure I’ll like it!

Probably I’ll keep buying tons of books when I am in Italy 🙂