Yesterday night I was in a very good restaurant (Oleana in Cambridge) and while I was enjoying the wonderful dinner a question came in my mind: what makes a good restaurant “great”?

Today I think I have my answer: it’s not only a matter of food! I’ve been in many good restaurant serving wonderful food, but only few of them were great!

The “great” is something related with the experience you have in a restaurant! The details, more than everything, are really important!

Oleana, for example, has tables in a small patio. They could take advantage of all the space they had, but they decided to sacrifice some of it to make a wonderful garden with amazing flowers.

The garden itself is then well maintained, so there is not backwater and there are no mosquitos!

So the result is wonderful food, amazing location and a really pleasant time.

In other words: GREAT

Here we are… again!

This time I’ll not forget to update my website: I promise!

Ok.. I can already hear some “liar” surrounding me and probably it’s true: I always forget to update my blog/pages/whatever
I created in the past and the reason is that what I was writing was not interesting! (and I don’t want to consider how difficult was to deal with the old blog app)

So I decided to do a couple of simple things:

  1. Install wordpress and removing the ugly content manager I was using (BTW I love wordpress)
  2. Applying a nice and clean theme
  3. Using my poor English to write the content of this website
  4. and … more than everything: I decided to not be ambitious!
Maybe you (my dear 3 readers) are wondering the meaning of the forth point, so here is my explanation!
what I don’t want to do is to think that a lot of people will follow me. There are too meny interesting websites around to think that mine deserves attention!
So my idea is that I’ll use this website as a view of my life trough internet. So I’ll post about my life, my job, my interests!
We’ll se what happens!
Se you soon!